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Welcome to kommu, a travel platform that values people over profit, designed to help expand your network to find trusted, affordable places to stay.

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Hosts you can trust.

We’re building a travel community focused on connection. Tap into your network of friends and friends of friends to unlock places to stay with people you can trust. 

Psst… We’ll tell you a secret— stays through kommu also save you a few bucks 😉

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Danielle's home in New York

How does it work?

It’s simple, really...

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Find Friends & Join Groups

Connect with others in your community that are always on the move. See when friends are available to host you or are traveling themselves.

Get Out There

Discover all the places available to you through your connections. Coordinate schedules, meet new trustworthy hosts and guests, and expand your community as you travel— all through kommu.

Friends are Everywhere

Chloe's profile, listing her home available to multiple degrees of relationship

Share your place on your terms.

Don’t want your home or apartment sitting empty? Make it available for your network. 

Swap, gift, or set a nightly cost for your place and determine who knows it’s available— when you host, it’s up to you.

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Reviews from friends, not strangers.

4.95/5 on the App Store

kommu has helped me recoup a ton of money while I’m out traveling. I feel like it’s a win-win. I get someone to look after my apartment, water my plants, grab my mail, AND make a bit of extra pocket money — then my friend gets a spacious, comfortable home in NYC at a bargain compared to a hotel or Airbnb.

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from New York City, NY

kommu has enabled a way of working and living that I otherwise wouldn't be able to afford.

Testimonial headshot
from Bend, OR

Knowing that the person staying in my apartment was a friend of a friend, rather than a stranger, made me feel so much safer. It was a seamless process and I couldn't recommend more!

Testimonial headshot
from New York City, NY

I've been living it up in Bend, OR. None of this would have been possible without kommu.

Testimonial headshot
from Los Angeles, CA

Had a successful swap! Truly fabulous! Stayed in Park Slope, Brooklyn for the month!

Testimonial headshot
from Los Angeles, CA

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Commonly Asked Questions

How is this different than short-term rental sites like Airbnb or VRBO?

Although kommu allows users to leverage their homes with the people they trust, it is not a rental business. Instead, kommu operates as a network that reveals all available stays through your trusted contacts. It's important to note that any bookings and engagements are strictly between the parties involved.

kommu helps you connect with your network while traveling by discovering the locations and travel plans of your connections. It's like a city-level "Find my Friends" for bigger trips, connecting you with your network to make travel more engaging.

How do I make payments on kommu?

All transactions, if any, are handled directly between you and your friend.

Am I always exchanging money with users?

No! You have the freedom to list your place on your own terms to your trusted connections. You can choose to gift your place to close friends for just a cleaning fee, charge cost, swap with others, or even pay for a trusted house or pet-sitter. The choice is yours.

Do I need to list my trips? Why should I list my trips?

Listing your trips on kommu is optional, but it's a great way to let your friends know that you'll be traveling and make it easier to connect with them in real life. It's also a convenient way to see if your friends will be in the same place at the same time.

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